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Best FSA/HSA Eligible Heating Pads of 2022

Best FSA and HSA Eligible Heating Pads for Pain Relief

Aches and pains in your joints and muscles make it hard to enjoy being active, and finding something that works for you may hurt the wallet! If you have an FSA or HSA card, you are eligible to reimburse your expenses for qualified pain relief solutions. These can be anything from Ibuprofen to Acetaminophen, TENS units to acupressure mats, heated massage guns, pain relief gel & lotion, and even natural remedies like arnica montana. But today I’d like to introduce you to another great option to manage your day-to-day pain by using your FSA and HSA card, heating pads! A heating pad is a drug-free way to get instant relief from pain from the comfort of your house. They offer prompt and effective heat to the concerning areas within a few minutes and immediately alleviate any inflammation you are experiencing.

Before buying a heating pad, it is critical to know your particular needs and requirements. There is a wide range of heating pads available in the market depending on your soreness and aches. In this article, we will discuss some of the best FSA and HSA Eligible heating pads of 2022 to help you decide which product might be suitable for you. 

All of the products below are eligible for flexible spending account and health savings account reimbursement.

  • Various settings
  • Long reach
  • Faster relief
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • FSA/HSA Eligible
  • Limited warranty

With uncountable positive reviews, the Sunbeam Heating Pad for Pain Relief is one of the most prominent and popular heating pad options in the market. With this best FSA and HSA eligible heating pad for cramps, you can cure your arthritic pain and everyday muscle aches in real-time. It is packed which some of the most advanced features and qualities.

The application of moist heat can help you achieve desired results even faster. The Sunbeam Heating Pad for Pain Relief comes with Ultra-heat Technology along with a sponge insert designed and manufactured to work effectively with the pad. This feature helps saturate ache and soreness faster than dry heating techniques. It comes with an easy slide controller feature with 3 heat settings to offer the exact amount of heat needed for ultimate relief and comfort.

There is an extra, 9-foot long power cord to deliver flexible use in different positions so the user can feel relaxed through the soothing relief. The best thing is that the pad cover is conveniently machine washable as well as dryer safe for easy maintenance.

Many customers admire the pad’s super soft washable cover, while others are a fan of its different heat settings. The fact that you can use this product in both dry and moist heat settings makes it a perfect choice for everyone. It is ideal for targeting particular body areas as it does exactly what it is supposed to perform.

  • 9 relaxing combinations
  • Comfortable massaging vibrations
  • Super soft
  • King size comfort
  • FSA/HSA Eligible
  • It lacks a body strap

It is the world’s first weighted heated pad by Sharper Image. This massaging heating pad features a unique design to provide targeted heat therapy for your affected muscles and joints. With its features and characteristics, it can help to ease pains and aches. Gone are the days of readjusting your heating pad, thanks to its distinctive weighted feature that helps coming heat stay maintained in its place, exactly where you need it the most.

The Calming Heat Massaging Pad by Sharper Image measures 12″ x 24”, which is large enough for you to use on practically any part of your body. The biggest advantage with the heating pad is that it features a 9-foot extra-long power cord, so you get instant relief from the comfort of your house. This super-soft velvety heat pad is made with a plush, rich material that feels soft on your skin whether you are using it on your back, legs, neck, knees, or shoulders. Because of the weighted pad, the plush material, and I crown the Calming Heat Massaging Pad by Sharper Image the best FSA and HSA eligible heating pad for relaxation and stress relief.

It has optional vibrating massage settings that you can use to improve your heat therapy experience. This feature is great for gentle massages that work with the heat to soothe your pains and aches. Some other features include high-density comfort fill, three levels of heat, three vibration levels, and an integrated two-hour auto shut off for heat feature and 15-minute auto shut off for massage. It weighs only 4 pounds, so very lightweight and compact to carry around.

  • Adjustable heat settings
  • Highly comfortable
  • Moist heat option
  • Safe and gentle
  • FSA/HSA Eligible
  • Not hot enough for some buyers
The Pure Enrichment PureRelief Electric Heating pad is an ideal choice for people who want instant, rapid and reliable heat. The heating pad warms up very quickly and features twice as many heat settings as any other high-quality pad available in the market. It comes with a backlit controller, which is easy to grasp and use. Many buyers and testers loved the overall feel and construction of this product.

This electric heating pad has a Deluxe LCD controller. This controller provides up to 6 adjustable heat levels ranging in temperature from 105- 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Using a simple press of a button, you can conveniently choose the heat settings that best fit according to your needs, personal comfort, and heat therapy recommendations. The temperature settings are Warm (105⁰F), Low (112⁰F), Medium Low (119⁰F), Medium (126⁰F), Medium High (133⁰F), and High (140⁰F).

The integrated safety features turn off the heat after 2 hours of constant use to avoid skin burns and overheating. When needed, you can use the stay-on feature to keep the heat going as much as you want. With its extra-long cord, you can use the device in your bed or favorite chair. The pad has an easy-to-clean PureReleif heating pad’s softness. You can detach the cord at the pad connection and machine wash it using a gentle cycle setting.

  • Plenty of coverage
  • Easy to care
  • Durable
  • Convenient features
  • FSA/HSA Eligible
  • Straps are not long enough
If you are looking for a product that delivers fast, soothing heat therapy for your frequent joint pain and muscle soreness, look no further than Sunbeam Heating Pad King XpressHeat. If you suffer from pain, you already know the benefits of a high-quality heating pad. Thanks to its advanced and distinctive features, this product will never disappoint in making you feel comfortable and relaxed.

The best thing about this device is that it can soothe your aches using fast heat therapy technology. The Xpress Heat feature heats up the pad within 30 seconds, which is three times faster than other standard heating pads available out there. This way, you get to enjoy a relaxing massage while getting relief from all sorts of pain.

It is an easy-to-use product with convenient features. It has an easy to function digital LED controller that lets you switch between 6 customized heat settings. Moreover, there is a select hour auto shut-off feature to help you conserve energy and avoid excessive heating. Thanks to its machine-washable fabric pad in luxurious micro-plush, it is easy to maintain. Just plug the Heating pad into any 120-volt AC electrical outlet, and you are good to go.

The XL pad measures 12″-24” to cover larger areas that need comfort, including legs, spine, and shoulders. It also features an extra-long 9-foot power cord for added convenience. There is a 2-hour auto shut-off feature to give you a piece of mind while using the heating pad.


  • Targeted heat therapy
  • Adjustable waist strap
  • Moist heat option
  • Convenient design
  • FSA and HSA Eligible


  • The fabric might lose softness after washing

Products like Sunbeam Contoured Back Heating Pad are in the market to help you get rid of pain using an ultra-soft exterior and two convenient straps. The softness of the exterior fabric is the most notable feature of this heating pad. The wrap measures 24×15 inches and features four different heat levels to choose from.

In addition, there is a two-hour auto-off feature, which comes in handy when you want to sleep while using the device. Thanks to its Velcro strap, the pad stays in its place quite nicely. It also features a strap extension for people who need a longer length. The wrap is covered in a soft and supple fabric, which feels great against the skin. The device is extremely easy to clean; simply detached the cord and throw it in the machine wash for fast and convenient cleaning.

The low setting is quite faint and works well for warming up on a chilly night. The medium setting is a little more powerful but not enough to melt away intense muscle tension. The highest setting is what most people consider to cure their ailments.

With moist heat settings, the medium heat is extraordinary. The moist heat is great for sore muscles and tension relief. With the clinically proven heat treatment, the best FSA and HSA Eligible heating pad for pain relief linked to stress and back tension. It augments blood flow and to the pain source and improve tissue healing.


  • Deep muscular relaxation
  • Three patented far infrared inserts
  • FDA certified
  • Easy to clean
  • FSA/HSA Eligible


  • Expensive

This company has nurtured and supported patented Technology for more than 23 years. It helps people with their pain management and healing using science-backed Technologies. Their Thermotex Far Infrared Heating Pad has gone through clinical trials and intense testing to ensure the efficiency and long-term advantages of this infrared therapy against different types of pain that are sometimes left unaltered by standard pain management techniques.

The Thermotex Far Infrared Heating Pad delivers deep and fast penetrating heat that does not burn or dehydrate the user while still targeting the inflammation/pain source. It has gained medical device registration with FDA and Health Canada by meeting integral manufacturing standards and ISO certifications of their product. And yes, infrared heat with a primary purpose of pain relief is eligible for FSA/HSA reimbursement.

The heat therapy penetrates ten times deeper than the typical pads. Its soothing infrared wavelengths go 2.3 inches deep in the muscle tissues to augment blood flow, reduce inflammation, and reduce lactic acid. Unlike normal heating pads, this device facilitates pain relief at a soothing temperature between 108-116 degrees Fahrenheit. It is famous due to the versatility. Designed with three heat inserts, it can be used comfortably almost anywhere on your body. You can use it in a flat position to treat menstrual cramps and back pain or wrap around your arms, neck, or leg for conditions like tendonitis, bursitis, and arthritis.

The cover can be cleaned via dry-cleaning or using a washing machine. Just remove all the inserts and allow the cover to wash on a gentle cycle setting.


  • Heats up very fast
  • Extra-long electric cord
  • Very flexible
  • Negative ions and jade stones
  • FSA/HSA Eligible


  • Heavy for elderly people

Not all infrared heating pads are the same. Since they are a bit more expensive as compared to traditional heating pads, it is very vital to choose a suitable product like UTK Jade Far Infrared Heating Pad. This tourmaline-heating pad measures 23×16 inches and works at a temperature range between 103-159 degrees Fahrenheit.

It features infrared heat technology that is delivered via natural jade or tourmaline stones and natural ions. With this product, you get 5000 hours of constant working without any disturbance or fluctuation and convenient electronic control for time and temperature, i.e., from 0-240 minutes by 15-minute increment; the electronic controls are easy to understand and work intuitively. The device heats up in less than 10 minutes and features a digital timer on it for automatic shut-off after a few hours.

The UTK Jade Far Infrared Heating Pad is available in three sizes, i.e., small, medium, and large. For back pain and mild pain, small size is but for larger areas; you can opt for medium or large size. The most important plus point of this heating pad is that it is flexible and can easily be wrapped around any part of your body. Thanks to its AC110-120 Volts and AC220-240 volts, the device is portable and highly compact.

It has an 8.5 feet long electric cord, which makes for an even useful hookup. The Velcro step keeps the pad in its place throughout the heat treatment session.


There you go. These are some of our best heating pads for the year 2022, all of which are eligible for use with your FSA or HSA card.

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