How to use your FSA or HSA card at Target

Are you a target shopper or redcard holder? Are you one of the 100 million target circle loyalty members? Do you also use target for its pharmacy or optical services? This blog will help you use your flexible spending account or health savings account dollars at target.

Target is a great place to shop. It has everything you need, from clothing and toys to groceries and health & beauty supplies. You may have also found that Target carries everyday essentials like vitamins and allergy medicine. While they do sell FSA and HSA-eligible items at Target, it does not mean that you will be able to use your card successfully.

Keep reading for tips on how to use your FSA or HSA card at Target online or in-store!

Does accept FSA or HSA cards? does not accept FSA or HSA cards online
Source: Target FSA & HSA Shop FAQ

If you are looking to use your FSA or HSA card online or in-store on FSA-eligible product, you will likely have a hard time depending on your card issuer. That is because does not accept FSA or HSA cards at this time. This is listed in their FSA & HSA Shop FAQ. However, just because they do not accept FSA or HSA cards online, does not mean that it isn’t easy to find eligible products online or in-store. FSA Guide will help you find eligible items online and in-store later int his article.

Does Target accept FSA or HSA cards in-store?

Target's payment FAQ accepts FSA & HSA cards in-store on only FSA/HSA Eligible product
Source: Target's in-store accepted payment options, FSA & HSA card

According to Target’s payment option help page, Target does accept FSA and HSA cards in-store if they are spent on FSA & HSA-eligible items. However, some users claim that you’ll have success checking out with your FSA and HSA eligible items at the pharmacy register using your benefit card.

How can I find 100% FSA & HSA-eligible items at Target?

How to find FSA & HSA Eligible items on

You can find FSA and HSA eligible items on by going to their FSA & HSA shop page. You will notice that flags all HSA/FSA eligible items under their “At a glance” section on the product details page of any product.

Need more help in finding FSA & HSA Eligible Items at Target?

Download the BuyFSA app and use their free UPC scanner that checks the item for FSA & HSA-eligibility. BuyFSA also sells 1000s of FSA and HSA-eligible items that you will not find in-store, it is great app for any FSA or HSA cardholder to have!

Does Target Optical accept FSA or HSA cards?

Target Optical FSA or Card Benefits
Source: Target Optical FSA & HSA Shop

At Target Optical Store, you can shop for eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lenses and any other optical product with your FSA or HSA card. With Target Optical Store’s wide selection of products, you are sure to find what you need and get the most out of your FSA or HSA card. Target Optical Store accepts all major FSA and HSA cards, so you can rest assured that you are paying with an approved payment method. And unlike your shopping experience in-store, all prescription glasses and contact lenses are 100% FSA and HSA-eligible.

Not interested in using target optical? Check out FSA Guide’s recommendation on the best optical site to use your FSA or HSA card!

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  1. Why is my HSA card denied every time at CVS Target (for prescriptions) ? My account says “card type not accepted by merchant.”
    What ? Why ?

    1. If you don’t mind sharing, who manages your HSA card? The CVS registers within a Target SHOULD work for most benefit cards, especially if your entire order is prescriptions or FSA & HSA-eligible items

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