How to use your FSA or HSA card at Rite Aid

Are you located near one of the 2,000 convenient Rite Aid locations? Are you wondering where you can utilize your FSA or HSA card? Look no further! This blog is your ultimate guide to making the most of your flexible spending account or health savings account funds at Rite Aid.

When it comes to shopping, Rite Aid has it all covered. From everyday necessities and health & beauty supplies to groceries, you can find everything you need under one roof. Moreover, Rite Aid offers one of the largest selections of FSA and HSA-eligible items online, making it a prime destination for your healthcare purchases. Unlike other stores, Rite Aid ensures a smooth and successful experience when using your FSA or HSA card.

Whether you prefer to shop online or visit a physical store, this blog will provide you with invaluable tips on effectively using your FSA or HSA card at Rite Aid. Say goodbye to any uncertainties and get ready to maximize the benefits of your healthcare accounts!

Does Rite Aid accept FSA or HSA cards?

Source: Rite Aid FSA & HSA FAQ

If you are looking to use your FSA or HSA card online or in-store on FSA-eligible product, then Rite Aid is a great place to shop! You will be happy to know that Rite Aid allows you to use your FSA or HSA card both in-store and online on This is listed in their FSA & HSA Shop Frequently Asked Question’s page.

Does Rite Aid accept FSA or HSA cards in-store?

Although Rite Aid does not appear to list FSA and HSA cards as an option on their accepted payment method page, but they did have a whole FAQ section dedicated to using your FSA or HSA card at Rite Aid. It is safe to assume that Rite Aid accepts these types of benefit cards.

How can I find 100% FSA & HSA-eligible items at Rite Aid?

Finding FSA & HSA Eligible items online at Rite Aid

You can find all of Rite Aid’s FSA and HSA-eligible items by going to 

If you are searching for any items, you can also filter for FSA and HSA eligible items by using the menu on the left hand side. Once you’re looking at a product, you can see that Rite Aid will leave an FSA/HSA eligible tag below the price on the product page. If this is not there, it is safe to assume that the item is not eligible and you will have to use another form of payment.

All FSA eligible items are marked on their pages (Source:

Finding FSA & HSA Eligible Items In-store a Rite Aid

FSA and HSA Eligible sign at Rite Aid

Next time you’re inside a Rite Aid and looking to use your FSA or HSA Card, be on the lookout for these signs around the medicine aisles! I took a snap of this FSA and HSA eligible sign in the digestive health aisle next to items like Tums, Pepto-Bismol, Kaopectate, and Imodium.

It is important to note, that MOST of these items will be eligible with your benefit card. They are still subject to eligibility requirements, and certain products in certain categories may not be eligible. 

Rite Aid Receipt that shows where you need to look to identify which items are FSA and HSA eligible
Rite Aid receipt with FSA and HSA eligible Items (H)

You can find out which items are FSA or HSA-eligible by looking for the letter “H” next to the item on your receipt on the right side. If you look at the bottom of receipt, above the survey portion you will find the total dollar sales amount eligible to be redeemed with your FSA and HSA card. You will also find the other labels you can use to identify which items are available for SNAP eligible (F), Health FSA & HSA (H), and taxable (T).

Rite Aid Store Receipt shows your Health FSA benefit total at the bottom of the receipt, before your store survey.
Rite Aid Receipt FSA sales total section

You can also find out which items you bought in the past year that were FSA eligible by using their FSA report

Need more help in finding FSA & HSA Eligible Items at Rite Aid?

Download the BuyFSA app and use their free UPC scanner that checks the item for FSA & HSA-eligibility. BuyFSA also sells 1000s of FSA and HSA-eligible items that you will not find in-store, it is great app for any FSA or HSA cardholder to have!

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