BuyFSA App: Buying FSA & HSA Eligible Products Just Got Easier

When you’re in a rush, FSA and HSA eligible products can be hard to find. And if you are browsing the App Store or Google Play looking for a place to use your FSA or HSA dollars, you probably have noticed that there isn’t a dedicated store that accepts these benefit cards. Well finally, there is now an app that lets you discover and shop for 100% FSA and HSA-eligible products!

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BuyFSA app features over 2,000 FSA and HSA eligible products

BuyFSA has many unique FSA and HSA eligible items to choose from. From Theragun Compression Boots, to Acupressure Mats, and sunscreen, you definitely will find something that suits your health and wellness needs. 

Ability to scan the UPC of an item to check if it is FSA or HSA-eligible on-the-go.

The app features a handy barcode scanner that makes it easy to find products you’re looking for. So if you are at Whole Foods or Publix and wondering if a particular item is FSA or HSA-eligible, give the UPC a scan! If BuyFSA carries the item, you’ll be able to add to your cart and pay with your FSA or HSA card there.

Available on the App Store and Google play

The BuyFSA app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. The app is available in english and spanish. 

Download the BuyFSA App from the Apple App Store.

Download the BuyFSA App from the Google Play Store.

Pay with Apple Pay or Google Pay

If you prefer to use Apple Pay or Google Pay, you can add your FSA or HSA card to your mobile wallet for faster checkout!

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